Ticket #111242
Subject: Technical Questions
Name: Norby Bandan
Posted On : Fri, 25 November 2016
Hello There,

Hello, I am integrating my website with your API and I keep getting the same error message. There doesn't seem to be a reference to error 504 in your USAGE-MANUAL. Below is my post data and the response I keep getting. Please not that I put extra quotes around catalogue=birth to show that there is an extra space as per your documentation example. I also noticed that my server IP is not report back correctly in the response. Let me know what mistake I might be making. Thanks for the help. Post data: Array ( [credentials] => Array ( [App_ID] => pra-3679b0e4 [APP_Key] => bb78ba1855f4e457a5db8a993cf884f5 [Timestamp] => 2016-11-25 10:13:11 [IP] => ) [catalogue] => ' BIRTH' [data] => Array ( [FirstName] => [LastName] => Smith [MiddleName] => [State] => Arizona [County] => [BirthYear] => [FamilyLastname] => [ExactMatch] => No ) ) Response data: Array ( [credentials] => Array ( [App_ID] => [App_Key] => [Timestamp] => 1480097590 [IP] => ) [status] => Array ( [code] => 504 [error] => Catalogue Value Mismatched! Follow the Troubleshooting Guide in API USAGE MANUAL Carefully. ) [catalogue] => )
Response from
Replied On : Sat, Nov 26, 2016

Hello Bandan,

Thank you for contacting the technical support. We are very happy to help you & help you again. We have added the external error codes in our manual.

Please don't bother about the IP. That is only for our internal usages. We've gone through the request you have made. There is an space in [catalogue] value. It should be [catalogue] => 'BIRTH' or [catalogue] => 'birth'.

As the documentation is in PDF, some time PDF creators ads space in text for justification purpose based on the fonts and the size. We'll take care of that issue soon.

Here is your Request in JSON format ...
{ "credentials":{ "App_ID":"pra-3679b0e4", "APP_Key":"bb78ba1855f4e457a5db8a993cf884f5", "Timestamp":1480137200, "IP":"" }, "catalogue":"BIRTH", "data":{ "FirstName":"", "LastName":"Smith", "MiddleName":"", "State":"Arizona", "County":"", "BirthYear":"", "FamilyName":"", "ExactMatch":"No" } }

Jonathan B.
Support Dept.
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