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Subject: Interested for API
Name: James Vasquez.
Posted On : 5 December 2016
Hello There,

Just curious how many "FRESH" your Death Records API is??? How often is it updated & what % of Actual Deaths in the U.S. end up on your list?

Thank you for your assistance...I'm seriously considering your API, but would need to know the coverage.
Response from
Replied On : Tue, Dec 6, 2016

Hello James,

Thank you for contacting our support. Now we have death records up to 2006 since 18th century. Our Data Operation & Research team is always working to gather current as we as historical records. Our Death database is merged with cemetery and obituary records database to avoid "No records found" clause in our API. We are covering 50 states of US now. If you have any question further, then feel free to reply this email.

Jonathan B.
Support Dept.
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